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What comes to mind from that word?

What comes to mind when you are choosing finishes for your home?

Honestly, please pause and take a moment.

Think about those two questions and ask yourself if you marry the two when choosing a contractor for your next project, or choosing flooring at Home Depot with your spouse for a weekend project. What is your standard for paint and finishes in your home?

Oxford Languages defines standard as a level of quality or attainment.

Lets get back to typical standards that we may have set for our finishing systems, coatings, or more commonly referred to as simply paint. The answer can vary dramatically from household to household across America. Arguably the top two answers would be longevity and appearance. Longevity is especially important when choosing an exterior coating that is meant to protect your outbuilding, and appearance would be just as important for the clear coat that will protect your new mahogany front door from the elements. Most of todays exterior coatings that are readily available to homeowners will find balance between all of the standards we come to expect, including price.

Price may even supersede longevity, or appearance for that matter. Imagine that, the wall paint that you just bought for your living room wall for around fifty dollars a gallon might not even be formulated to appease your eyes as well as it could have been. Because of the price standard? Or because the paint is made to be washable? There are too many products on the market that fall short in all of the standards that we have talked about, and I haven't even mentioned ease of application. Or touch.

Ease of application is crucial if you are going to try to tackle your painting project on your own. I assume that if you are not hiring a professional that you may not have considered touch when it comes to choosing a paint. I am probably wrong about this. Let me digress. A few years ago I tackled the rust repair and repaint task on my truck just to save a buck. I HAD considered touch, clarity, color consistency, clear coat gloss level, adhesion, protection, and longevity (and obviously price). I have not however tackled a kids bedroom wall repaint from the standpoint of a layman.

As a professional I eat, sleep, (s)pray, paint, and love. It's probably quite literally in my blood. I wouldn't have it any other way. Due to this infatuation with my career, I have come across a different breed of paint. A paint that is bred from the mecca of painting. It has little consideration of price. It is formulated in a true old world way that it could possibly seem to some to be difficult to apply in comparison to paints found of the shelves of big box retailers across America. The paint that is so pure and void of fillers, it is available in 98 gloss units.

Fine Paints of Europe is an importer based out of Vermont that has been importing paint from Holland for years. Their products are all very impressive, and it is because they have some of the best standards for their products that I am happy to provide them to my clients. Starting in calendar year 2021 Bresson Painting will be using Fine Paints of Europe on a wide range of projects, schedule today to feel a difference, and learn about the standard in my industry.

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